Drill Press Annual Scholarship

Annual $500 Scholarship Program

The Bestdrillpressguide.com Scholarship Program awards a $500 scholarship annually to a student that sends in an essay of 800 – 1200 words with a review of a drill press or power tool. You can also write about your experiences in using drills or drill presses and what you use them for.

All applicants for the bestdrillpressguide.com scholarship needs to be enrolled in an accredited college program or course.

The aim of the Scholarship and why we are doing it.

We are trying to encourage students with a passion for DIY, Tools and engineering to get involved and write about different methods that you can use tools for. We also feel that not enough students are moving into this field. I still remember doing woodwork at school and loved it.

The details and deadlines for the scholarship

Applications for this scholarship award will run till 5th December each year and students will be informed and notified 10 days later and awarded on the 15th December. Anyone that is enrolled in an accredited college program can apply to for this scholarship.

Who can Apply?

Any student that is enrolled in an accredited college program.

Ready to apply? This is what we need from you.

You will need to write between 800 – 1000 words in your own writing style about your own experiences using a drill press or power tools. If you have purchaced a drill press or some power tools before and you have a make or brand of tool that you feel is superior to others you could write about that. Within the essay you need to include what that is the best product and what are the best and worst points about that tool.

Some examples that have been written by our professional reviewers include:

Wen Drill Press

Best Hand Drill

Best Drill Press Vise

Delta Drill Press

Best Benchtop Drill Press

As you can see from the above examples these are details reviews of the drill presses and tools.

Once your essay is complete send it to use at [email protected] and make sure you place a subject line of “Drill Press Scholarship essay submission”. Please send the essay using Microsoft Word and include the following:

Your University/College Name
Your First and Last Name
Home Address and contact number

Proof of Enrolment or acceptance in collage.

Further Information:

If you will the Scholarship Award will be sent directly to the college you attend.

We are accepting applications for 2019 so get writing and good luck.